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God vs no God

Debates about the presence  of a God via logic makes about as much senses as debates about logic using faith.  Seems like energy wasted that could be used to enjoy the beauty of life……….no matter where you feel the beauty came from.



Just completed moving and although geographically it was only a few miles down the road, it seems like it’s a million miles away.They say the only journey one really takes is the one between ones ears.  I was just curious what you think about that?

I look forward to your response.

Dreams Can Come True

As I prepare for the final chapter of my life, I’d like to leave a legacy that exists far beyond my last breath.

Toward that goal, I’ve written an eBook called “Your two sense worth” which just got published.

Through blogging, I hope to meet some fascinating people who not only will give me the honest feedback I’ll need, but

via an ongoing dialogue, will help me be the best person I can be.  Though the book is a collection of original insights

meant to sometimes motivate, other times stimulate thought, I am hopeful that through the exchange of  ideas, we

can all help each get the most out of this wonderful experience we call life.   Here’s to the current strangers who will

soon Imagebecome friends.